The sun is on vacation

The sun forgot to show up for work today and clouds are filling in.

Overcast skies will do little to put out any rain just some mist.

Temps don’t budge staying chilly in near 60 tonight.

Monday stays cloudy with increasing NE winds 25-30 mph. The day long 65° chill barely warms up from the morning due to the gray skies and wind.

Tuesday showers increased to 40% with the consistent breezy onshore flow.

A gulf low starts increasing rain Wednesday with the heaviest arriving Thursday. The rain and wind will have significant impacts for any outdoor plans which may need to be postponed if the rain system plays out. Models are pumping 3-4 inches of rain our way Wednesday-Thursday.

Friday starts drying out and the sun comes back to work. Next weekend is better than this one: dry and mild in the mid 70s!

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