Family creates National Motorcycle Awareness Day after close friend’s death

After their son’s friend was killed in a motorcycle crash, a local family has created a day to raise awareness on educating drivers about motorcycle safety and being aware of motorcyclists on the road.

Brittainy Stalvey started National Motorcycle Awareness Day in honor of her son’s best friend, 19-year-old Jaden Rosario. Rosario died in a motorcycle crash near Jacksonville Beach last year after a driver did not yield at a yellow light and hit him.

“I obviously was stunned and upset, but I was more concerned about my son because my son was already on the way to the hospital,” Stalvey said. “And I was told that he had passed but my son didn’t know and they were attached to him. They were inseparable.”

National Motorcycle Awareness Day is celebrated on November 12th of every year. Stalvey created the day to not only bring awareness to motorcycle safety, but prevent other families from going through what their family experienced with losing Jaden. She encourages drivers to not text and drive and always pay attention to the roadways.

“Just checking twice and being vigilant can help save the lives of motorcyclists,” Stalvey said. “More injuries happen from other drivers than from the biker themselves.”

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