Young boy with rare form of cancer gets to ride in his dream car thanks to Dreams Come True of Jacksonville

It was a special surprise for a Jacksonville child diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

One recent day, Corey Kerrin thought he was going to a dentist appointment, but then he was surprised with one of his favorite cars.

And it wasn’t just for show, he got to ride in style.

“Today means a lot to me as well as it means a lot to Corey because Corey is familiar with Lamborghinis and Dreams Come True made it possible for Corey to do this. He was ecstatic,” said mother Shanika Safford

Kerrin, 12, loves fast cars.

“Lamborghini Urus, Bugattis, Ferraris,” he said.

“Honestly, he loves cars I can’t afford,” his mother said. “I don’t know if he’ll be able to afford it yet because he’s only 12 but hopefully one day he can afford him a green Lamborghini and we can ride off into the sunset, without a girlfriend.”

Last year, News4JAX spoke with Kerrin after he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that doesn’t have a cure. The tumor on his brainstem can’t be removed and affects his vision.

“Sometimes I’m dizzy. Every day it’s wiggly. I need to hold on to stuff most of the time,” he said.

But he was happy to hold on to the roof of his favorite car.

“I liked it because I love cars,” Kerrin said.

He took a tour of the Jacksonville Sports Car Museum and members of his medical team and supporters came together to make this possible.

His vision may not be the clearest.

But he said he can see the love.

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