Family stunned after object came through windshield crossing Mathew’s Bridge

A family is stunned after they say an object came crashing through their car windshield as they were crossing the Mathew’s Bridge Saturday night.

The driver, Alex Waddell, says he and his family were heading to their home in Arlington, when a rivet went through their windshield.

Waddell says he was only a few miles from his home when this happened.

He says when the rivet came through the windshield, it sounded like a loud gunshot.

“It was pretty, pretty scary moment for sure,” Waddell says. “We noticed they had the westbound lane closed. And there were people on scissor lifts they were doing some type of work above on the support beams there. And out of nowhere, we just hear a loud bang. And this cut-off piece of like a rivet or a bolt or something comes flying through the windshield of the car and lands in my wife’s lap.”

Waddell now has damage to his windshield, dashboard, and glass through his car.

It is unclear where exactly the rivet came from.

News4Jax reached out to the Florida Department of Transportation for comment, and they sent over a statement saying:

“These claims are taken seriously, investigated based on daily construction inspections and, if the investigation confirms the contractor was responsible, the contractor will then indemnify the motorist. Upon learning of alleged damages, FDOT officials contacted the project team to ensure the construction zone and activities meet or exceed safety standards.”

Waddell says he has also reached out to FDOT, but he has not received a call back.

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