Second driver in deadly July 2022 street racing crash sentenced to 6 months in jail, license suspended

The second driver who pleaded guilty to charges of vehicular homicide, racing and reckless driving in a deadly high-speed crash was sentenced Wednesday.

Ethan Rainey and Kiari Hill were arrested in July after a street racing crash that killed a woman and left others with injuries on Edgewood Avenue.

Rainey was driving the other car that was involved in the street race and didn’t hit the car driven by Pamela Stone’s daughter, Chastyne Dominguez. Stone was killed, and her daughter was injured and lost her unborn twins.

He was sentenced to six months in jail, followed by two years of house arrest and three years probation. His driver’s license was also suspended for three years.

Hill was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to vehicular homicide and reckless driving in October.

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Following the crash, Lt. Rich Buoye, with the JSO Traffic Homicide Unit, said witnesses told police that a silver Dodge Charger was racing another car north down Edgewood Avenue when it struck the car Stone was riding in.

News4JAX obtained Rainey and Hill’s arrest warrants. Hill’s warrant shows that investigators determined Hill’s car’s data recorder showed he was traveling at 107 mph three seconds before the crash “with the brake switch off and the accelerator pedal at 100%.”

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The report also noted the car was traveling at 89 mph 0.1 seconds before the crash “with the brake switch on and the accelerator pedal at 0%.”

According to the warrant, a passenger in Rainey’s car, a black Dodge Charger, told police they were racing, “but stated it was not planned.”

“This incident shows how dangerous street racing is because you’ve got innocent people who are abiding by the law and abiding by the rules of the road not suspecting vehicles to come upon them,” crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson said after hearing the details listed in the warrant.

News4JAX spoke with Nikita Cook, one of Stone’s daughters who was not in the car. She said the crash happened just a block away from their home.

“Justice will be served. I’m not worried about that,” she said.

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