Serenata Beach Club employees left in the dark, say they have not been paid for weeks

Employees of the Serenata Beach Club in Ponte Vedra Beach told News4JAX they haven’t been paid for weeks’ worth of work.

This comes after members of the club said they are feeling more confused than ever after receiving a “bizarre” note from the owner saying the club is temporarily closing due to financial issues.

Now, club employees are saying they’ve been left in the dark, waiting for their next paycheck.

“Everyone right now does not have a job, nor do they have their most current pay stub which is legally owed,” a club employee, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

The employee told News4JAX that since December, workers have been having issues getting paid — from payments being withheld to bounced checks.

“People still have bills, week in and week out. All these are people that work here who are single, married or single parents, and all have obligations that can’t be met now,” the employee said.

The Serenata Beach Club has been in the spotlight for a host of financial problems since 2023, but the owners offered little to no explanation to employees and members about why they’re having issues with cash flow.

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In a letter sent to members Tuesday, club owner Molly Butler wrote that because of issues securing financing, it would be “impossible” to continue running the club.

The employee said that’s because nobody wants to continue working without knowing whether they will be paid or not.

“No one is going back to work until all of us as a group are paid in full completely. We are a united front,” the employee said.

Alex Underkofler, an attorney who specializes in labor and employment law, said the employees have every right to recover their unpaid wages.

“The beautiful thing about America and the 13th Amendment is that if you work you have a right to get paid,” Underkofler said.

Underkofler is encouraging employees to reach out to an attorney.

Jacksonville Area Legal Aid helps people who need a lawyer and cannot afford one, including people in St. Johns County. People can contact them at 904-356-8371.

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Another step employees can take is filing a complaint with the Department of Labor. They can also pursue a lawsuit on an employee’s behalf as well.

As for what’s next for the Serenata Beach Club, employees are unsure of the future or how long it could take to be paid. They’ve only been promised they will get their money “soon” with no concrete timeline.

“I think she probably should sell and get out from all of her loan obligations, period. She obviously can’t pay people and has a cash flow problem,” the employee said.

News4JAX is still waiting to hear back from the owner of the Serenata Beach Club for comment on these latest developments.

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