Duval County officials warn of uptick in scams related to missing jury duty

An uptick in scams related to jury duty is prompting an alert from the 4th Judicial Circuit and the Duval County Clerk of Court.

Duval County officials want to warn the public about these scams and how they typically operate:

Scam caller pretends to be a law enforcement officer, state attorney, court official or deputy clerk saying that they failed to appear for jury duty or some other court obligation.Sometimes the callers use the name of a legitimate actual judge or public official.The scammer will tell the person that a fine was imposed and if it’s not paid, there will be a warrant issued for their arrest.Then, the scammer may ask for their bank account number or suggest purchasing a prepaid debit card or cryptocurrency. Sometimes, they may also ask for personal information such as social security number.

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Officials want to make clear that the court, the Clerk’s Office, or law enforcement officers don’t call or email residents to request payment for missing their court obligations. Instead, officials said any important information regarding a legal matter is sent in writing.

They will also never request payment via any sort of prepaid debit card or cryptocurrency, officials said.

“While this scam has unfortunately been around for years, the recent increase in cases around Florida made it a good time to remind the public that they should remain vigilant,” said Duval County Clerk Jody Phillips. “When in doubt, you can always contact our office directly and we would be glad to assist you.”

If you’re unsure about a call you receive, you are encouraged to call the Clerk’s Office at (904) 255-2000 or report the call to JSO’s non-emergency line at (904) 630-0500.

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