Path to the Polls: Will Trump triumph or Hayley upset? Discussing the key role of the New Hampshire primary

Now there are two: Donald Trump and Nikki Hayley. The question is, with Ron DeSantis out of the race, who benefits?

On the latest edition of Vote 2024: Path to the Polls Bruce Hamilton and News4JAX Political Analyst and Head of the Jacksonville University Public Policy Institute Rick Mullaney look into the impact Gov. Ron DeSantis bowing out of the debate will have on the New Hampshire primary.

Going head-to-head with Hayley is something many political observers are just the kind of matchup Trump has been salivating for. The question becomes, at the end of the New Hampshire primary day, will the GOP nominee be decided?

Historically, New Hampshire is known for dramatically bringing about different primary outcomes, and many political analysts expect 2024 to give us the “first real primary race this election cycle.

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