Wind chills and layers now, flip flops this weekend

A drier airmass on the west side of an area of low pressure near the Bahamas has produced sunny skies and windy conditions across our area.  A wind advisory remains from Jacksonville southward along the NE FL coastal areas with North winds at 20-30 mph with peak gusts in the 40-45 mph through 10 p.m.  Along the SE GA coast and St. Johns River basin the north wind is in the 15-25 mph, G 30-40 mph range which is just below Wind Advisory levels.

Tonight, the low pressure will slip further to the east of the Bahamas as high pressure over the Carolinas continues a brisk north flow under clear skies.  Wind over inland areas will drop to 5-15 mph, while the I-95 corridor and St. Johns River Basin will remain at 10-15 mph, G 20-25 mph and the Atlantic beachfront locations remaining at 15-20 mph, G 25-35 mph through the night.

This pattern will continue to bring drier and colder air into the region with lows falling into the 30s inland and 40s along the Atlantic Coast.  Combined with the gusty winds, this will produce wind chill values in the 25 to 35 degree range or just above, Wind Chill Criteria.

Clear skies and less wind over inland areas will lead to low temps around 33-36 degrees across inland SE GA and 35 to 38 degrees across inland NE FL.  This would normally lead to frost, but the wind and drier air will likely prevent any significant frost.

Temperatures will start climbing Thursday and continue to build into the weekend with highs near 80.

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