Video shows suspect ram Nassau County Sheriff’s Office cruiser during high-speed chase

A traffic stop in Nassau County turned into an intense high-speed car chase and then an alleged attack on the deputies — and it was all captured on video.

The incident happened early Tuesday morning in Fernandina Beach.

What began as a response to a trespassing call at a store quickly turned into a dangerous car chase and foot chase.

In the video, multiple Nassau County deputies can be seen surrounding a car at a gas station on Sadler Road to assist a deputy responding to a reported trespassing incident. Everything seems calm as one deputy attempts to open the door of the suspect’s Cadillac and suddenly the car takes off.

Deputies chased the car with speeds topping 120 miles per hour. As one of the patrol units gets close, the car performs a U-turn in the roadway. This is where investigators said the driver of the car purposely rammed another oncoming patrol unit carrying two deputies.

The deputy in the rammed car doesn’t seem to be fazed by the crash and immediately gets out with his gun drawn to confront the driver.

“Put your F—-ng hands up,” the deputy said. “Get out of the car.”

The suspect was then taken into custody. He was later identified as Kyle Shannahan, 26, of Callahan. He is now accused of 16 crimes including multiple counts of aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon on deputies, fleeing and DUI.

Shannahan remains in jail on close to a $1 million bond.

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