WJXT Channel 4 Goes Grassroots in Keeping Diversity at the Forefront

WJXT recently met with several community members for a listening session as part of their Lab for Journalism Funding project, which is in collaboration with the Local Media Association.

The panel discussion was held to hear from community leaders and organizations about what the needs of the community are and how to better serve organizations through storytelling in an effort to generate funding. Local community trustees, nonprofits and media executives sat in unison to dialogue with WJXT News Director Terri Walton and her news staff team. Dialogue included how to expose more businesses through TV programs, more spotlight on the homeowners insurance debacle, follow-ups and intertwining community stories to highlight Duval’s rich African American history.

Many of the attendees experienced spotlights on the stations morning show, evening news exposure and website digital articles.

“Swimming segments are also important. Duval is a pool city. With pools not open and its 100 degrees outside, children are eager to find a spot to stay cool. More exposure is warranted and necessary,” remarked Sharon Delifus, CEO of the Shawn Delifus Foundation. Invited individuals were excited to be included and were looking forward to continuing the listening session to discover additional issues and potential partners. Next steps include: review all the discussion points; synthesize feedback; commit to a list of community issues to cover and track major issue affecting our community that was not mentioned in the initial session.



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