A weekend of shootings has plagued Jacksonville, causing residents to ask for change

Five shootings took place across Jacksonville this weekend. A few people were hurt during the shootings, while two others were killed.

Residents say that they are fed up and want change. One resident says that a way to make sure these shootings don’t keep happening is for community members and elected officials to rally together like they did last week, after the racially motivated shooting at the Dollar General store. They also want to send a message that no shooting will be tolerated here.

From Saturday morning to Sunday morning, the city of Jacksonville had five shootings. The shootings on Old Kings Rd. and Java Rd. resulted in two deaths.

AJ Jordan, MAD Dads Outreach coordinator says that “I would’ve really hoped for our city that the shootings, the shootings would have just stopped.” Jordan says what happened this weekend shouldn’t have occurred. Jordan says people need to think first, before just reacting because he says life is precious.

News4Jax went back to a few of the neighborhoods where the shootings happened. No one wanted to speak on camera Sunday afternoon, but one person told News4Jax it’s sad these shootings happened, especially a week after the racially motivated shooting at the Dollar General.

Jordan says a way to make sure these shootings don’t keep happening is to respond to every shooting the way the city did for last weekend’s racially motivated shooting. Jordan says “If we start walking these streets and not just walking them, [but] going to doors, knocking on doors, educating people [and] talking to our young people, we can make a dent in this crime. But this can’t just be a one-time event for our city. We have to be consistent.”

He also says to cut down on shootings in the city, the ultimate goal is to show love to others and put resources in areas where they are needed.

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