TWIJ Business Edition – Artificial Intelligence: The Promise and the Peril

In this episode of This Week in Jacksonville: Business Edition, we tackle the topic of Artificial Intelligence.

Jacksonville Business Professionals hosted an event at a fall educational gathering and pointed to AI.

“We’re just hearing a lot about AI, in you know, in our daily emails that we get through our organization and other organizations in our industries,” said Blake Massey, president of Jacksonville Business Professionals.“[It’s] just a big bug that we’ve kind of been hearing about and so, somebody kind of grabbed it and took it and said, ‘Hey, let’s put something together that [can] see what we can do for the community to kind of bring people together around this topic.’”

Why the hype on AI, what’s the impact on society?

During a roundtable discussion, Matt Berseth from NLP Logix said: “AI is kind of amazing. It’s like this mysterious thing that I think if you’re not in the field, you might think it has this endless capability and can kind of do anything.”

Berseth believes Chat GPT, an AI-driven chatbot, brought AI to the forefront with its common use on websites.

“It literally is amazing. It can do it can do a lot of things,” Berseth said. “It’s been all about gathering data collecting data, warehousing data, and , now we kind of have some of the tools and some of the technology to really unlock that data and really drive efficiency and optimization using AI. And I don’t think it needs to be mysterious.”

Matthew Chang founded Chang Industrial and is a sought-after keynote speaker concerning AI. He also joined the panel.

“I’m the counterbalance to the dark side are the fears about AI? I’m the AI optimist. We have been using what I would call embedded AI in our business where we deliver robotics and automation solutions to customers that have AI built in we’ve been doing that for more than five years.

Chang referred to AI’s power as “cutting-edge.”

“With as long as we’ve been deploying AI solutions, it hasn’t freaked people out until they saw Chat GPT, so we’re I’m very optimistic about it,” Change said.

Click the video above to hear the entire conversation with a panel, featuring:

Blake Massey, Jacksonville Business Professionals President & VyStar/LPL Financial AdvisorCorey Jones, Jacksonville Business Professionals Education Chair and Climate First Bank North Fla. representativeMatthew Chang, founder of Chang Industrial, a niche firm specializing in autonomous systemsMatt Berseth, co-founder and CIO, NLP Logix, a leading AI services company

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