A gorgeous but breezy day ahead

A dry, cold front will push through today bringing breeze and sunny conditions this afternoon and evening.

Be aware that while we started off much more mild than yesterday, temperature wise, we will be cold again tomorrow! Another morning in the 30′s is on the way.

For now, it’s very clear and very cool- with a minimal breeze, which will pick up into the afternoon.

Overnight will be clear, and chilly! It’s a great night for a firepit and s’mores, but it’s also a school night so remember to lay out the heavy coats for the kids tomorrow as they head to the bus stop.

Speaking of tomorrow, we’ve covered that it will be chilly throughout the morning, but it will be another great day for you to enjoy into the afternoon.

As I look ahead, I want you to be aware that scattered showers with storms are possible late Saturday night though Monday. Prepare now, and download our weather app!

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