Wilkinson Junior High teacher named Clay County’s 2024 Teacher of the Year

Robin Campbell, a Wilkinson Junior High School science teacher, was named Clay County’s Teacher of the Year last week as The Clay Education Foundation hosted the annual Apple Awards.

In addition to teaching, Campbell serves as the head of the school’s science department and science fair coordinator.

“Her interactive teaching methods, coupled with a Master’s in Educational Leadership, showcase her dedication to fostering a love for learning. Beyond the classroom, she volunteers for campus events, serves as an Academic team judge and plays a vital role as a Professional Educator Competency (PEC) mentor, supporting colleagues in their development,” the foundation said in a news release.

The foundation also awarded Phillip Turturro, Internal School Suspension liaison and former school counselor, from Doctors Inlet Elementary School with School-Related Employee of the Year.

In a new category introduced this year, Allison Sanders of Keystone Heights, who specializes in emotional and behavioral disabilities, was awarded Rookie Teacher of the Year.

“The Apple Awards recognizes and honors the contributions of outstanding classroom teachers and support staff who demonstrate a superior capacity to inspire the children of Clay County to learn, grow, and achieve their best. Congratulations to our new Teacher of the Year, Ms. Robin Campbell from Wilkinson Junior High, and our new School-Related Employee of the Year, Mr. Philip Turturro from Doctors Inlet Elementary,” said David Broskie, Superintendent of Clay County District Schools.

Campbell and Turturro will move forward in the state-wide selection process for the top five nominees towards the end of the school year.

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