Naturalista Pour Positivity Into the Next Generation

Nouvo Studio Natural Hair and Wellness Center continued to pour into the next generation with their 5th annual ‘Beauty for Tweens,’ Wellness Day. More than thirty tweens were privy to a day filled with interactive activities, product give-a-ways, hair demo’s, workshops, lunch and Q&A session. Wearing her natural afro, speaker and graphic designer Kahiliah Bryant presented a workshop that delved into bullying, self esteem attributes and dysmorphia. Tweens quickly held up their hands and asked questions pertaining to their bodies and how to be more confident in their school and social environments. “Each year this event gets better and better. The youth that attend this day of beauty inspire the staff and we want to reciprocate so the girls can be role models to others and not be afraid to speak up and speak out,” said organizer and shop owner Gwen Stroud.

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