Major renovations to Main Street Bridge could bring months-long closure. FDOT says it’s planning ahead.

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) officials said they plan on making major renovations to the Main Street Bridge, which would keep the bridge closed for months.

The renovations for the 82-year-old bridge are scheduled to begin in 2027, and they are expected to cost over $108 million.

FDOT said it plans on replacing parts from the original structure.

While it’s still years out, FDOT is planning now because it knows it will be a major problem for traffic. It is estimated that over 15,000 cars drive across every day.

“I would lose revenue. I’d have to figure out other ways that cost me more gas to go,” a driver told News4JAX.

FDOT Community Outreach Manager Hampton Ray said he understands that detours come with challenges.

“Thankfully, the Acosta bridge is only about a five-minute detour. So hopefully, it’s not too disruptive for people. But you know, we want to plan really well in advance, coordinate directly with the City of Jacksonville, to try and minimize those impacts,” Ray said.

The city said it is preparing for the impact of the closure.

“It is definitely playing into some of our discussions in terms of the development of Riverfront Park and of what we’re doing around that area. So, we’re looking at it,” Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan said.

The plan is to keep the bridge as long as possible.

Future delays could be a problem, however, building a new bridge in that same spot would be expensive and likely impossible.

“This is a really historic bridge, it is a very special bridge to our city. You know, if you look at historically why it was implemented when it was this is, you know, really one of the first roadways to South Florida,” Ray said.

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