School officials have plan to keep students heading back to class cool & healthy in heat wave

Students are returning to the classroom as the area’s heat wave continues. Clay County School District officials have plans in place to keep students and teachers cool and healthy.

Students will have very limited time outside if they even come out in the heat for activities like recess.

If they do come outside, schools will try to have students in areas that are shaded, which can include new basketball courts at some elementary schools.

If possible, teachers will try to keep students in cool hallways while they wait for the school bus.

Another option is if schools have shaded and covered walkways outside, students can wait there after dismissal.

Bryce Ellis, the assistant superintendent of Operations for Clay County Schools said the plan is to make sure the automated air conditioning timers inside the schools are set to activate early in the mornings, well before students arrive to start their days.

They do that so it is cool and comfortable by the time they arrive.

Ellis said the district has 1,100 portable air conditioner units distributed across all the schools.

If teachers are having problems with them, their classes are permitted to go to libraries or cafeterias to cool down until the unit is fixed.

“It is Florida in the summer, and it is hot,” Ellis said. “I get it. With these heat advisories, 109, 110 degrees, it is for the safety of the kids and the staff.”

Officials want everyone to have an enjoyable start to the school year while also beating the heat.

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