St. Johns County students bid goodbye to summer break, head back to class

St. Johns County students are hitting the books once again after their first day back in the classroom.

St. Johns is one of 11 area districts to mark the start of the new school year on Thursday.

There were hugs, waves and plenty of great new memories being made across the county.

For the parents and students we met Thursday, these are the moments that matter most.

“It’s huge for me. I’m always at work. I took the whole rest of the week off for this moment because honestly, I just haven’t had a chance to do it,” St. Johns County parent Josh said.

Ivy Aung, who started third grade, was among the tens of thousands of St. Johns County students who returned to class on Thursday.

Even though she had a great summer vacation, she’s happy to be back to do fun things: “Like learn how to do science!”

A few miles away, at Creekside High School, we watched as students made their way in with a sign welcoming the Knights “Back to the Castle.”

Michael Rudowitz’s daughter started her sophomore year and he said she’s ready.

“The first day is not always that exciting, more nervous than excited,” he said. “I’m hoping just for a successful year just all around.”

A hope students and parents across the area likely share.

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