Video: Group of kids help rescue lost sea turtle hatchlings at Hanna Park

A handful of lost sea turtle hatchlings are back home thanks to a group of kids and the Hanna Park Turtle Patrol who helped get them back in the ocean Monday morning.

According to the Walk-in Wedding Chapel, the turtles hatched overnight and crawled in the wrong direction toward the Hanna Park parking lot.

Thankfully, a group of kids showed up to help the Hanna Park Turtle Patrol return them to the ocean.

In a video that was sent to News4JAX, a staff member of the Hanna Park Turtle Patrol explains that it is not uncommon for hatchlings to crawl in the wrong direction. He added that this particular group of turtles is very lucky to have been found and helped back home. Unfortunately, not all sea turtle hatchlings have the same luck if they get lost.

Video of the rescue shows a group of spectators watching the baby turtles as they were slowly crawling back into the ocean.

It’s fair to say this was a “turtle-y” successful rescue!

It’s important to remind the public that no one should try to pick up a sea turtle with the intent of saving it. The best course of action if you notice a sea turtle lost or in distress is to report it directly to the sea turtle patrol.

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