‘The impact she had was crazy’: Students fill football stadium with green, camo in honor of Baylee Holbrook

A St. Johns County football stadium was filled with a sea of green and camouflage at a Friday night football game to honor and remember the life of a 16-year-old Putnam County girl who was fatally stuck by lightning.

Baylee Holbrook was hunting with her father Tuesday when she was struck and taken to the hospital in critical condition. She died on Thursday.

One day after a private vigil was held for Holbrook, her friends, cheer squad, family and other high school classmates gathered to show support of the late teen at a Friday night football game in St. Johns County.

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Willie McKinnon, family friend and Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, said after news of Holbrook’s passing, Palatka High School had discussions on continuing on with Friday night’s game, but Holbrook’s mother and father decided the game deserved to go on.

Even though it was an away game for Palatka High, Tocoi Creek High School made sure they were supportive of their opponents.

“We reached out to Tocoi Creek and they’ve been absolutely amazing. They’ve went above and beyond to accommodate everything to do with this as well as their own cheerleaders are wearing green bows, and their fans are showing up in green and in camouflage. The football players are wearing green. It’s been really amazing to see them love on us the way they are,” McKinnon said.

Rileigh Scout, Holbrook’s friend and teammate, said Holbrook was the kind of friend that would be there for you no matter what.

“Faith is her middle name, is exactly what she was. She was always faithful, always wanted you to feel like you were okay, and above all that you were the most important thing,” Scout said.

Gracie Turner, Holbrook’s teammate, is also thankful for the support from Tocoi Creek.

“It just shows the impact that Baylee makes on people, like even when she was here with us the impact she had was crazy,” she said.

The outpouring of support wasn’t surprising to Baylee’s friend, Allison Stokes, either.

“Baylee would have given her life to see this, everyone being together, the other school supporting us, it just helps us go through what’s happening right now,” Stokes said.

Trinity Baptist Church in Palatka will honor Holbrook during Sunday morning service. It starts at 9:45 a.m. and will be hosted in the Putnam High School Gymnasium. Attendees are asked to wear green and camo in Holbrook’s honor.

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