A joyful reunion: Navy Sailor to welcome dog she rescued in the Middle East to her new home in the US

A U.S. Navy Sailor will reunite with her beloved dog that she rescued while on deployment in the Middle East on Tuesday at 3 p.m. in Fleming Island.

News4JAX will stream the long-awaited reunion. Press play above to watch.

U.S. Navy Sailor Joy will welcome Koda to her new home thanks to the organization Paws of War.

Joy has served 12 years in the military, and during her fourth deployment, she came across some puppies that seemed vulnerable because there was no mother in sight, according to Paws of War.

One evening, Joy found Koda tired and collapsed from the heat, and she did not hesitate to help her recover. Days later, they found all the puppies had been killed — except for Koda, Paws of War said.

That’s when Joy knew she had to protect Koda at all costs.

According to Paws of War, when Joy got orders to head back to the Jacksonville area, she felt uneasy about leaving Koda behind.

Joy asked Paws of War for help.

Paws of War is an organization that brings back dogs and cats rescued by troops serving overseas to safety in the U.S. And that’s exactly what Paws of War did for Joy.

The organization worked hard to help get Koda back to the U.S., where she will live with Joy.

To learn more about Paws of War visit https://pawsofwar.org/

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